plug FNN | The Headlines | 22-Jan-2022

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Nordstream 2 and Climate Change

There will be snow in Germany this Christmas.

More Free Thinkers Forced Out

UK universities are forcing out more free thinkers.

Tesla Stock Rises Again

Tesla stock rose sharply on news of sell-out Christmas gift.

NHS to Ban Cancer

Moronic variant triggers a cancer ban.

New Crowdsourcing Website Launched launches.

Another Supply Chain Problem

Lack of Santas.

New HGV driving initiative

Using the Army is not enough to fill shortage of UK truck drivers.

New Core Curriculum Subjects

The UK Department of Education is introducing new core curriculum subjects.

Winter Fuel Crisis Expected in UK

New solution for the impending winter fuel crisis.

New Paper Vaccine Passports

Digital passports to be replaced with old-style paper passports.