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UK | Education | Woke | 19 August 2021

Students can ditch proficiency in reading, writing and arithmetic.

Following the example of Oregon in the USA, where the Bill 744 legislation has been passed to remove the need for graduating students to be proficient in the the three Rs, the UK government is considering a similar move.

In Oregon the rationale was to benefit graduating people of colour but here in the UK the rationale is also to help poor white kids who have been left behind by the education system.

A DFE (Department for Education) spokesperson told FNN:

For years, higher education and the workplace has discriminated in favor of people who can read, write and have a basic understanding of mathematics.

But now I think we all understand that these skills are no longer needed in today's world where so many university graduates will end up as baristas and burger-flippers and even basic calculations are done for them by their online payment terminals. The only skills they need are to be able to hear and talk and basic motor skills.

In any case having the three Rs is problematic in the sense that it allows young people to write stuff that is 'inconvenient', to read against-the-narrative 'misinformation' and to figure out if certain statistics are dubious. And we don't want that!

All this should be curated and controlled by social media companies as they know what is best for us.

Furthermore, the requirement for proficiency in the three Rs has created a two-tier society of haves and have-nots that we are determined to socially engineer out of existance - sorry, my bad, I meant existence.

By adopting the Oregonian model we can ensure that everyone is 'levelled-down' so that eventually we will all no longer need to read, write and do math and this lack of skills becomes characteristic of everyone and not just a privilege of minorities. 

Australian educational expert, Bill "Battler" Heslop commented:

Next we'll be saying that no-one needs to be educated about healthy diet and exercise because most people are destined to end up fixed to their sofas, bingeing on box sets and stuffing themselves with takeaways while subsisting on a universal basic income payment or bippie. What a f**kin disgrace. 

Hey Muriel. Fetch me a tinny. I'm parched!

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