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Global | Health | COVID | 28 October 2021

Digital passports to be replaced with old-style paper passports.

A consortium of CEOs from the COVID 'vaccine' providers have warned that booster shots will be needed every month in order to support their revenue and profit projections. This sensible proposition is supported by Bill Gates so it must be right.

As a result, the World Health Organization (WHO?) is considering recommending that digital passports are replaced with paper ones so that each page can be stamped each time you have a booster shot. Then, each time you renew your paper passport you will be 'levelled up' and rewarded with a free extra shot, airmiles and specially branded covers from sponsoring corporations.

You will be able to collect special 'commemorative stamps' for boosters targeted at combating the new variants of COVID that crop up weekly. This could introduce a new kind of stamp collecting for children according to a spokesperson from philatelic specialists Stanley Gibbons.

In my day, kids used to pester parents for cereals that offered free gifts in their packaging. Now kids will be begging parents for a booster to collect their 'variant stamps' to complete their collections.

New 'booster booths' are to be established in shopping centres around the world to ensure that booster shots can be supplied as easily and cheaply as possible so that 'bagging a booster' simply becomes a regular part of every families weekly shop.

Australian anti-vaxxer Bill ' Battler' Heslop told FNN:

Boosters my arse! Boosters are total bollocks! If we need that many boosters then the original vaccines can't be that effective. The best defence against COVID is to ignore it and drink plenty of 4X.

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