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USA | Business | Elon Musk | 20 August 2021

A Tesla robot is in development.

At the Tesla AI event, Elon Musk announced the development of the Tesla Bot, a robot designed to leverage Tesla's existing AI smarts developed for its electric vehicles.

The rationale for the bot is do those tasks which are difficult, boring or dangerous for humans.

However the initial use-case is for the bot to drive Tesla cars so the owner can snooze on the back seat while using the car-pool lane on freeways.

The sophisticated integral GPS will allow bot owners to tell the bot 'where to go' with some certainty that it might get there or at least have some fun watching it try.

Other compelling use cases for the bot include:

  • carrying shopping from store-to-trunk (STT)
  • doing the ironing
  • weeding the garden and mowing the lawn
  • applying for online accounts on your behalf
  • having your covid booster shots
  • combing Rapunzel's hair
  • posting non-stop to your influencer blog
  • providing repetitive manual stimulation (RMS)

There is naturally a concern from lower-paid workers and many border refugees that their jobs will be replaced by bots like this, meaning they will need to move up the task-chain to survive. But US taxpayers will be happy to know that the bots will not get a social security number and so they will be ineligible for 'stimmi' checks.

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