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Global | Culture | No Topic | 20 August 2021

OnlyFans to move away from 'saucy' content.

OnlyFans, the website that provides fans with a more intimate online relationship with their idols, which often involves access to sexually explict content, has announced that it will be regulating its content more closely.

Now instead of nude pics and sexy clips, fans will instead be able to enjoy photos and clips of their idols:

  • dressed in full scuba diving gear
  • doing the ironing (fully clothed)
  • doing the washing up (fully clothed)
  • doing the hoovering or Dysoning (fully clothed)
  • eating a takeaway on their sofa (fully clothed)

An OnlyFans spokesperson told FNN:

Our new content rules are designed to protect our content creators and ensure that the content relationship between creators and their fans is a healthy one.

We expect our users will flock to pay for this new and exciting content and that our service will emulate the success of Tumblr after it tried to reduce pornographic content on its website.

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