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Global | Health | COVID | 28 October 2021

COVID initiator emerges, miles away from Wuhan.

A media storm took place today as a result of sensational revelations by a Mr Arnold Snodgrass that he invented COVID and released it into the world from his caravan in the back garden of his semi located in Dorking, Surrey.

Mr Snodgrass told the media:

  • COVID is not in fact a virus but a computer generated variant he created on his Sinclair Spectrum computer
  • He knew mRNA vaccines are gene therapy not vaccines but who was going to challenge big pharma and the government?
  • The PCR test is not designed to identify viruses like COVID but was a test that the public had ever heard of so it fit the bill
  • He made up the 2m distancing rule as it 'seemed about right' as 1m is too close and 3m too far in a post office waiting line
  • Masks do not prevent the virus from spreading but he recommended them anyway because he does not like bad breath
  • Lockdowns of healthy people is contra to previous medical practice but he needed some peace and quiet to read his paper in the garden

Mr Snodgrass was branded a 'crank' and a 'conspiracy theorist' and denounced as a charlatan by the WHO, the Wuhan lab and the CIA but unfortunately could not have his Twitter and Facebook accounts deleted as he does not have any.

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