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UK | Wildlife | No Topic | 14 August 2021

Geronimo in extradition battle.

Geronimo the Alpaca is in the middle of an extradition battle. Both Peru and the USA want the animal to be extradited to their countries.

Peru wants Geronimo to face charges of spreading TB among livestock while the USA wants Geronimo to be extradited to Fort Campbell, Kentucky to become the official mascot of the 101st Airborne division of the US Army and to help crop the grass around the barracks.

Now the UK Courts have another tricky extradition case to manage. One that will take the focus away from the extradition of Julian Assange, who, after all, is just a whistleblower whereas Geronimo is an Alpaca whose animal rights are being infringed.

"Brock", a talking Badger, told FNN from his sett in Dorset:

I would advise Geronimo to go for extradition as it's better than being shot for potentially spreading TB amongst all those British mad cows. Anyway, I need a snack so it's time for a nibble on a Dorset knob.

EU spokesperson Ursula von Richthofen commented:

Alpacas are banned in the EU as our cherished freedom of movement also applies to animals.

But allowing Geronimo to wander around the EU would mean that the risk of spreading TB throughout the block would be intensified and this could negatively impact sausage production which is essential to the German economy.

Vorsprung durch Teknik!

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