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Global | Business | GAAFTIA | 28 October 2021

Facebook announces new advertising platform: The Metaverse!

Facebook has announced it is building a new Internet they call the 'metaverse' - an online alternative to our current boring reality, widely known as the universe.

Full of 'immersive' experiences and augmented reality, the metaverse will mean you never have to leave your home or even your chair/bed since everything you experience will be catered for by the technology - hardware and software - of the metaverse.

The prospects for earning advertising revenues are simply mind boggling. Every experience offered by the metaverse will be an advertising opportunity like no other with product and advertising messages seamlessly embedded in the metaverse experiences and far from the clumsy sidebar of ads displayed alongside search results or a social media feed.

The metaverse will be the future of the porn industry as sex toys join the Internet of Things and one can imagine many men being attracted to making full use of freemium augmented reality capabilities.

But naturally if you do not have a 'politically correct' profile then that could be 'problematic' and you will either be denied access to the metaverse or your range of experiences restricted to those that Facebook decides are 'appropriate' for you.

Like E M Forster, FNN wonders what happens - in the metaverse world - when the machine stops?

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