Headlines | Arts Council of Wales is Racist

UK | Culture | Woke | 22 August 2021

New report finds Council is 'systematically racist'.

The requirement for using Cymraeg (Welsh) by certain employees of The Arts Council of Wales and National Museums Wales has been found to be racist in a new £51K report from the Welsh Arts Anti-Racist Union.

The reason being that few minorities and many mainstream Celtic white Welsh cannot speak Welsh so this is limiting their job opportunities and perhaps their promotion prospects. 

One of the report's recommendations is for job-sharing, presumably so that employees could offer English speakers on one day and Welsh speakers on the next.

Lack of Welsh speakers means that half of the dual language (English & Welsh) road signs are also unintelligible to non-Welsh speakers - prompting demands that more languages should be on the signs, including Swahili and Bangladeshi, to make them more inclusive.

But the solution to multi-lingual road signs appears to be to make them all display a QR code so when you snap the code you are provided with a translation of the destination in all the world's major languages on your smartphone (which you shouldn't be using when you are driving).

Alternatively you can select the Catherine Zeta-Jones (Welsh) voice on your satnav to tell you where to go in Welsh once you cross the Severn Bridge from England.

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